Youth Empowerment Services Resources

The WILL Centers Youth Empowerment Services Program provides young people with the community based experiences, skills, and access to services needed to promote their inclusion in community life and successful transition to adult life. Ways to help our young people become self-reliant, contributing members include:

Educational Advocacy: Assists young people with significant disabilities and their parents/guardians in the development of Individualized Education Plans (IEP) and Individualized Transition Plans (ITP). These plans help children with disabilities be successful in school.

High School to College Transition: Assist students with making a seamless transition from High School to College. Helping make sure the student gets in contact with the appropriate resources in Financial Aid, Disability Services, Enrollment, and much more.

Independent Living Skills Training: This itinerant program provides daily living skills instruction to consumers, including home and personal management, as well as communication skills training.

Advocacy: Individual advocacy services assist people with disabilities to obtain the services that they need and teaches personal advocacy skills. The WILL Center also works at local, state, and national levels to ensure that needed supports are available and that discriminatory practices and barriers to independent living are removed.

Peer Support: This program is designed to promote personal independence for people by providing one-on-one peer support or referral to a support group. A peer who is successfully dealing with a disability is able to provide practical, real life solutions to everyday problems encountered as a result of a disability.

Information and Referral: Information & Referral services are provided by all staff members. We want to ensure that information relating to rights, options, issues, and resources is available to any individual, organization, or business who wants to know.

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